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Children’s COVID-19 Activity Book: “Adventures in Quarantown”

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I’m happy to release for full public use the COVID-19 children’s activity book created by a multidisciplinary team at Emory University in early May. This workbook is an activity and coloring book for children aged 6-9 and their families. Through an accessible and entertaining workbook, we seek to explain COVID-19 and its immediate social impacts to English language readers.

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Inktober 2019

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This Inktober I posted line drawings for an upcoming graphic novel project co-written with a friend of mine. Similar to last year’s Inktober (featured in a post here), I used the prompts this year to illustrate some of the world. These drawings were all drawn with a particular story moment or panel feature in mind, to be incorporated into a draft immediately.

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Inktober 2018

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This Inktober I posted basic drawings for the Conviktion graphic novel, using the prompts provided to flesh out some of the world in images. 

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