Children’s COVID-19 Activity Book: “Adventures in Quarantown”

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I’m happy to release for full public use the COVID-19 children’s activity book created by a multidisciplinary team at Emory University in early May. This workbook is an activity and coloring book for children aged 6-9 and their families. Through an accessible and entertaining workbook, we seek to explain COVID-19 and its immediate social impacts to English language readers.

It was created as a short-term ‘hackathon’ in submission to an Emory Global Health Institute (EGHI) children’s book competition. Authors/Illustrator April Ballard, Kayla Bellman, and Hampton Stall submitted as masters students at the Rollins School of Public Health and Laney Graduate School. A higher-quality PDF is available by request (full document reduced in size to work with WordPress).

This was an enjoyable endeavor created out of online-only collaboration in quarantine conditions. Any updated copies or sequels will be posted in a follow-up on this site.